About Us

We offer islamic gifts that act as sadaqah jariyah and also offer gifts for every special occasion in life.

Selaam aleikoum,

My story, and this hobby, started when my sister was getting married. I was helping her with her wedding preparations and was looking for something to gift to the wedding guests which would be both unique and useful. But when I started looking for a modern muslim gift that could be given to her wedding guests as wedding favors, I noticed that there weren't many companies offering what I was looking for. That's when I realized that handmade tasbihs with a modern touch to it, would be cherished by friends and family that would receive them and that would bless their relation every time they would be used.

So after that, a lot of hours of failures and experimentation followed, and I felt pure joy when I finally designed the tasbih I had in mind. After the wedding friends and family started asking me if I could make a personalized tasbih for them and that's when I realized that I wasn't the only one looking for modern muslim gifts.

Today I've expanded my collection of handmade gifts with much more and started making gifts for everyone with different believes and taste: you can find items with your name in Arabic, personalized bookmarks when reading, personalized keychains, Personalized baby clothing and much more.

All items in our shop are handmade with love and I sincerely hope that my customers who buy them feel pure joy when giving these gifts to their friends and loved ones.

I'm open for trying new designs and making new products, so in case you're looking for a unique gift but don't find exactly what you're looking for, please do contact me so we can start working on your ideas.