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DIY Tasbih kit for small tasbih (33 beads) - 3 pieces

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Introducing our DIY Tasbih Kit:

What is it?
Craft your own tasbih/misbaha, with our thoughtfully curated kit. Designed to infuse your spiritual practice with intention and creativity, this kit empowers you to create a sacred tool that reflects your unique journey of dhikr.

- Premium Beads: Choose from a selection of high-quality glass beads, 
- Elastic string to make it easy to use during dhikr
- Stylish Tassel: Complete your tasbih with a decorative tassel, available in various colors and designs to add a touch of sophistication.
- Comprehensive Instruction Guide: Our step-by-step instructions and expert tips ensure a seamless assembly process, making it suitable for both experienced crafters and beginners.
- Optional Accessories: Enhance your tasbih with spacer beads, charms, or accent beads to add a personal touch

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Engage your Children in Islamic Activities:
Our DIY Tasbih Kit is a wonderful way to engage your children in Islamic activities, particularly during special occasions like Ramadan. Crafting tasbih together, teaches children about the importance of dhikr and reflection, and allows them to express their creativity in a meaningful way.


This item contains the materials needed to craft 3 tasbihs of  33 beads including;

- Elastic cord 

- Glass beads 

- Spacer beads 

- Zync Tassel

- Wire cutter

- Contact Glue

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